HP Universal Print Driver solves Windows 7 Printing Problems for LaserJets

The introduction of Windows 7 has once again raised the annoying issue of whether existing printers are supported. Users want to know whether the printers they already have in-use or are considering are currently supported with Windows 7 print drivers (and, if not, when will they be supported).
The good news is that the new HP Universal Print Driver for Windows takes care of the headaches involved with deploying Microsoft Windows 7 print drivers throughout your organization! This means that every HP device supported by UPD will have a single easily deployable print driver that works within the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

You can verify whether your particular LaserJet is supported within UPD by visiting this site. With the high number of printers supported, there is a high likelihood your printers are supported by the current version of UPD. The primary benefits of using UPD is to Make Printing Easier by providing one driver and one interface for users, improving satisfaction with the printing process and making it easier to print to almost any HP LaserJet in the office or on the road.

UPD supports a broad range of Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows XP, 2003 Server (32/64 bit); Terminal Services and Citrix Presentation Server Environments. Installation of UPD on any Windows PC is simple and will enable users to print to almost every HP printing device with HP PCL6, HP PCL5 or HP postscript level 2 and 3 emulation.

This is a lot easier than searching for whether your printer has a specific Windows 7 driver available and downloading, testing and certifying a separate driver for each device you have. Adopting the HP Universal Print Driver is much more streamlined than this tedious process!

To download the free Universal Print Driver software, click here.

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