View a list of Windows services and their status and export to a text file

If you need to get a quick list of running services on your computer or another computer on your network, you can use a number of methods to quickly generate this. You can even generate a text file so you can print the list if required. These methods work with Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Sysinternals BGInfo - automatic startup

BGInfo is a great utility to display machine information in the Desktop Background.  Having the information displayed for the systems that you’re working with, makes it very easy to see some of the basic information about the machine and lets you know quickly which servers or VM you connected to. This utility comes from the Sysinternals suite and is available for download at Microsoft Technet Sysinternals.

Free, Simple and Fast backup of VMWare ESXi 5.x Virtual Servers

The free version of VMware ESXi still lacks a decent way of backing up virtual machines. You need to purchase a license for that feature. There's a simple new tool available that will allow you to perform backups of multiple live vm's and more.

Stop All Exchange Server 2003 Services on a Server

There are several services involved with Exchange Server. Stopping different services will accomplish different things. The services are interdependent, so when you stop or start various services you may see a message about having to stop dependent services. If you do stop dependent services, don’t forget to restart them again when you restart the service you began with.