FreePBX Voicemail and Recordings Auth Password

When trying to access the Voicemail & Recordings you will keep getting the Security Login & Password before you can get the extension number login & password. The folks at PBX in a Flash  (PIAF) have imposed .htaccess controls on this directory so only users with valid Apache credentials can access that folder.

  1. Create an htaccess username and password for authorized users of the ARI app. From the PBX server console type the following:
    htpasswd /usr/local/apache/passwd/wwwpasswd <username>
    - where <username>  is the user name you wish to assign
  2. You will be prompted for a New password: then Re-type new password:
  3. Finally, you should receive a response "Adding password for user voicemail"
  4. From the PIAF GUI, have the users log into the ARI app with their browser by clicking on the Voicemail & Recordings button.
  5. User enters the username and password chosen for Apache access to the ARI directory and SAVEs the username and password when prompted to do so by the browser.
  6. After that, logging in to ARI works just as it does with the default ARI password mechanism in FreePBX.
You can save your Apache credentials as part of the login process so you there will be no htaccess password prompt on future login attempts.

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