Stop All Exchange Server 2003 Services on a Server

There are several services involved with Exchange Server. Stopping different services will accomplish different things. The services are interdependent, so when you stop or start various services you may see a message about having to stop dependent services. If you do stop dependent services, don’t forget to restart them again when you restart the service you began with.

To stop all Exchange Server 2003 services on a server. you must stop System Attendant, IIS Admin service, ExIFS, and SRS (if this service is running), and all dependent services.


To stop System Attendant and all its dependent services, use the command:

net stop MSExchangeSA /y

To stop all IIS engines, use the command:

net stop IISAdmin /y

To stop the Exchange installable file system (ExIFS) driver, use the command

net stop ExIFS

To stop SRS (if running), use the command:

net stop MSExchangeSRS

The easiest way to restart all services is to reboot the server.

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